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We can list and advertise your property free of charge as long as you give us a mandate to sell your property for a period of one year. There are no costs involved until we manage to conclude a sale.


Seychelles, blessed with the unrivalled diversity of 115 granite and coralline islands, a vibrant Seychellois Creole culture and a reputation for political stability and social harmony, has its sights set on bright, new horizons. With near-perfect weather, no cyclones and a complete absence of dangerous and poisonous creatures, Seychelles lives up to its reputation of being a modern-day ‘Garden of Eden.’

Property ownership

A Non-Seychellois individual or corporate body may purchase immovable property which is privately owned or rights therein in Seychelles subject to sanction being obtained from the Government of Seychelles. Sanctions granted are valid from one year from the date on which these were issued during which time the transactions must have been effected and registered.